Oct 29

inddPreview is the successor of inddQLgenerator – a QuickLook Plug-in from 2008 – and comes now as an app with a new version of the QL plug-in on board. The current release runs on macOS 10.8 and above and works with InDesign files from CS2 to CC2018.

It’s available on the Mac App Store.

Feb 17

QuickLook plug-in version 5.1 for QuarkXPress projects.

It will allow you to see thumbnails of QuarkXPress Projects (.qxp) in Finder and also provide a QuickLook preview for .qxp files created with QuarkXPress 7, 8, 9, 10, 2015 and 2016.

For support please visit http://forums.quark.com

Download the plugin (ZIP file) here.

Sep 04


This Quick Look plug-in is a component of SixtyFour. SixtyFour can be obtained at MacUpdate, https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/40405/sixtyfour/.

The Quick Look plug-in included within SixtyFour extends QuickLook’s standard functionality to display extra info: app architectures, app platform info and bundle version. It is no longer required to fire up the Terminal to get the architectures of an app or inspect the property-list file of an app to get the bundle version.

Aug 11

MetaDesign Solutions has released a QuickLook Plug-in which has some great features and wide support for various document formats. The plugin extends QuickLook to support InDesign, QuarkXPress, InCopy, Adobe Swatch Exchange & Illustrator File Formats, with more file formats coming soon.

For more details, visit:


Sep 20


The first Quick Look Plugin geared specifically for photographers.

From the plug-in’s website:

“With SneakPeek Photo simply click on the unopened photo file (no matter where it is, even on your card reader) and hit the space bar. Up pops the picture into a large view that immediately gives you the detailed information you need. On the top bar, the much needed basics such as the type of file, its size, f-stop, focal length, color Sfile (sRGB, ProPhoto, etc) even a mini histogram. But there’s much more. Also on this view you’ll see buttons which will give you Exif data, all the camera settings, a Loupe View with high resolution zooms, and a large Histogram to see the blueprint of your shot. If the photo is geotagged, you’ll not only see the coordinates, but a nifty map of where the picture was taken. Plus there’s even a link to a more detailed map online.”

Cost: $10

You can get more information by visiting the plug-in’s website at:

Aug 13

Allows you to preview your AVCHD (mts and m2ts) movies on the Mac.

Download here.

May 27

With Vvidget Code you can easily build Quick Look plugins and browse your data files using Cover Flow, Icon and List views in the Finder. The picture below shows an icon view of Vvidget documents made by a Quick Look plugin programmed with Vvidget Code.

More information can be found here.

Mar 24

This plugin supports Entourage 2008 email for messages located via spotlight.

Download an installer from here.

Jan 23

Displays previews of QuarkXPress 7 files in Quicklook.

More information:

Dec 30

We are interested to find out exactly which Quick Look plugins our readers would like to see developed. Which plugins would be most helpful in your day-to-day use of OS X 10.5?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments of this post, and we’ll follow up with a “most requested” post soon.

Update: Comments have been closed — thanks for participating! A tally of those most requested will be posted soon.

Dec 20


Wade from Panic sent in:

CandyBar from Panic (www.panic.com/candybar) has a Quick Look plug-in built-in for previewing iContainers.

Note that this plug-in comes as part of CandyBar, which costs $29, with discounts available for previous users.

Dec 06

Quick Look plugin for Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign® & Encapsulated PostScript.

Requires a payment of $5.

More information

Dec 04

This QuickLook generator renders QuickLook previews for certain filetypes using the TextMate syntax highlighter. Currently itÂ’s configured to highlight Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, C headers and Obj-C(++) files.

Requires that TextMate be installed and running.

More information 

Dec 02


Brainsight QuickLook is a Quick Look generator plugin that allows medical images in the MINC1, MINC2, DICOM, and NIfTI file formats to be previewed in the Finder and other applications.

(It is assumed this requires additional software.)

More information