Aug 11

MetaDesign Solutions has released a QuickLook Plug-in which has some great features and wide support for various document formats. The plugin extends QuickLook to support InDesign, QuarkXPress, InCopy, Adobe Swatch Exchange & Illustrator File Formats, with more file formats coming soon.

For more details, visit:

6 Responses to “ADOVIEW for InDesign, InCopy, ASE, Illustrator & Quark Documents”

  1. Eridani Says:

    Wow, it has indeed some unique features like the possibility to view Character Styles, Paragraph Styles, Layout and Fonts used in QuarkXPress documents, and some others, but $20 USD for a preview plug-in is a bit expensive.

  2. Albert Says:

    Heyyyy… MetaDesign Solutions has cut their ADOView Product’s cost to $15 USD. Thats a good news.

  3. Robin Says:

    This is really awesome. i have found it really useful to me. Price slashing is appreciable, but the product is one of its kind Adoview.
    Thanks MetaDesign

  4. Albert Says:

    wow, now Adoview is available in $9.99 USD and give support for InDesign CS6..
    its a great news.

  5. madra Says:

    Why is this listed as “Licence: Free”?

    It’s a commercial product.

  6. Jon MacDonald Says:

    Thanks, Madra. I’ve updated it to state payment is required.