Sep 20


The first Quick Look Plugin geared specifically for photographers.

From the plug-in’s website:

“With SneakPeek Photo simply click on the unopened photo file (no matter where it is, even on your card reader) and hit the space bar. Up pops the picture into a large view that immediately gives you the detailed information you need. On the top bar, the much needed basics such as the type of file, its size, f-stop, focal length, color Sfile (sRGB, ProPhoto, etc) even a mini histogram. But there’s much more. Also on this view you’ll see buttons which will give you Exif data, all the camera settings, a Loupe View with high resolution zooms, and a large Histogram to see the blueprint of your shot. If the photo is geotagged, you’ll not only see the coordinates, but a nifty map of where the picture was taken. Plus there’s even a link to a more detailed map online.”

Cost: $10

You can get more information by visiting the plug-in’s website at:

7 Responses to “SneakPeek Photo”

  1. Frantz Says:

    The BIG FLAW here is that PSD is not supported.
    So it’s for photographers that do not use psd… Do you know at least one ?

  2. Rob Says:

    @Frantz…I believe the program is for raw pictures right from a camera…not pictures that were manipulated with a photo program like Photoshop. Don’t think there are too many camera’s out there that save in the native Photoshop .psd format…so yes, I know many…

  3. Matheau Dakoske (Developer) Says:

    The latest version of SneakPeek Photo adds support for Photoshop PSD files.

  4. Snappy Says:

    Unfortunately this program doesn’t work properly with DNG files. It displays them, but not any edits made to them (so in that respect it’s just like the Finder itself). There’s a real gap in the market for a Quicklook plugin that shows DNG edits, but until they add that this feature the plugin is of no use to me.

    Here’s hoping they add this in future.

  5. exlemor Says:

    I tried the latest version of this plugin, but it is way too busy especially for a paid solution – very disappointing – on OS X Lion [and Snow Leopard], the spinning circle arrow can take quite a while even for a file of smaller size, and some don’t show up at all until you go forward or backwards 1 image and come back to the initial image you were trying to look at – at that point the wasted time could have been spent just looking at it in Preview.

  6. nobody Says:

    This software has been discontinued by its author. However, the functionality has been incorporated in a new product, “Art View” (for previewing Adobe Creative Suite app files), which costs $20+.

  7. Jan Steinman Says:

    Damn. I went and bought “Art View,” based on comment #6 above.

    Art View ONLY does QuickLook for vector graphics, like Illustrator, InDesign, etc.