Mar 28

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a post up today about how to set up your Mac to automatically preview all downloads with Quick Look.

Mar 24

FJNWebArchive allows viewing of Safari WebArchive files.

Download at QLPlugins, another great site for QuickLook plugins.

Mar 24

Allows for QuickLook previewing of Commodore 64 disk image files in the following formats: *.d64, *.d71, *.d81.

Download here.

Mar 24

This plugin supports Entourage 2008 email for messages located via spotlight.

Download an installer from here.

Mar 02

Randy Saldinger, developer of Suspicious Package, writes:

Suspicious Package, the QL plugin for examining Installer packages, has been updated to version 1.1.

This version adds mpkg support, fixes problems where install locations were not always displayed, and adds more information about the package — including administrator password and restart requirements, and what install scripts it contains.

Get the new version, still free, from:

Suspicious Package