Feb 26


Reader Javier writes:

I’ve created a free plug-in for displaying DPX pictures (useful in digital cinema and post-production environments).

It is at its first release but I expect to improve it quickly:


Thanks, Javier!

Feb 22

Reader Blaine Lewis writes:

This may look pretty familiar as I have adapted it from the Matroska Video File “plugin”. After having seen that one I figured you could do it for any file format (at least for Quicktime). So here is one for DIVX.

1. First you need DivX/Perian for .divx support in Quicktime :
http://perian.org/, http://www.divx.com

2. Then you need to add a Uniform Type Identifier in Quicktime Player :
– Edit QuickTime Player.appÂ’s /Contents/info.plist
– Add the following code just before the last 2 tags
<string>DivX Video File</string>

3. In Terminal.app
touch /Applications/QuickTime\ Player.app