Dec 30

We are interested to find out exactly which Quick Look plugins our readers would like to see developed. Which plugins would be most helpful in your day-to-day use of OS X 10.5?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments of this post, and we’ll follow up with a “most requested” post soon.

Update: Comments have been closed — thanks for participating! A tally of those most requested will be posted soon.

57 Responses to “What Quick Look Plugins would you like to see developed?”

  1. Nonin Says:

    webarchive (first and foremost)


    By the way: SneakPeek plug-in from Code-line will view AI, EPS and INDD files. Hope this link isn’t considered spam.

  2. Mitch Says:

    another vote for


  3. larissa_girl Says:

    Another vote for Photoshop brush plugin! The only similar tool on Windows is called abrViewer.NET — a QuickLook plugin would blow this away!!

    That’s 5 votes for this plugin now btw — does that mean we get it next week? 😉 😉

  4. Fabio Says:

    quick look for:
    .as (colored.. now we can open like text)
    Adobe Flash cs3!!

  5. Bruno B Says:

    I would like to see a QL plugin that would allow you to past and copy text without opening the files just like Copernic Desktop in Windows…

  6. ZiPLe Says:

    I would really like a .nfo-plugin.

  7. Nicholas Says:

    AutoCAD DWF/DXF!! (with scroll and zoom?)