Sep 29

It has been brought to our attention that some plug-ins do not work with OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard.

Since we do not actually develop the plug-ins we list on this site, we cannot investigate each one. Instead we thought we would setup this post to allow for users to comment and allow for discussion on tips and tricks for getting plug-ins to work with 10.6.

So feel free to leave a comment with your experience and especially if you have tips for getting plug-ins to work with Snow Leopard. All comments are moderated, but will be published at least once a day.

11 Responses to “Snow Leopard Compatibility”

  1. Gadget Says:

    Illustrator one doesn’t work…

  2. Guillermo Says:

    Folder View ( ) doesn’t work.

  3. Equinox Says:

    The Matroska “trick” is not working for me, I tried doing it again, and nothing.

  4. pe5pe Says:

    i found this and solve some features for me >>

    Let’s go hunting. In, enter:
    qlmanage -r

    to reset the Quick Look generators. Then, enter
    qlmanage -m

  5. bob Says:

    Folder View — apparently the issue with Snow Leopard is that the Find no longer passes the quick look commands when you hit space on a folder.

    this site has an explaination:

    thanks for the great site!

  6. Tom Says:

    The AI / Illustrator one no longer works, however the simple solution is to trash the quicklook plugin. 10.6 has native support for Illustrator files now!

  7. Oscar Says:

    Nice catch, Tom.

    I have been wondering for a bit why my .ai QuickLook previews weren’t working … but simply removing the .qlgenerator file and allowing Snow Leopard to handle it instead fixed the issue 🙂

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I can NOT believe that after all this time futzing with this, Tom’s simple solution completely resolved the issue for me! Excellent! Thank you!

    Just goes to prove that when all else fails, the simplest solution is the best!

  9. Sergi Says:

    Snow Leopard 10.6 compatibility?

    of course!! –>

    Put this in Terminal:

    Then restart the Finder (Alt + Right-click the Finder icon in the Dock and Restart Finder) and READY!

    Let’s go!!!


  10. Jean-luc Says:

    Could you open a specific topic for lion compatibility ?

  11. Jake Says:

    Viewing NEF RAW Camera Files… specifically Nikon’s NEF format for any camera with a vintage that is newer or similar to the Nikon D810 cannot be opened on OSX 10.6.8.

    The operating system has to be upgraded or the software options upgraded to versions that don’t run on 10.6.8. When you look closely at options there are none.

    Is it possible for someone to develop a codec / component that can run on 10.6.8 and allow files to be viewed in Finder / Quicklook?