Oct 01

“This is a QuickLook plugin for MacOS-X 10.5/10.6 that allows QuickLook preview of Animated GIFs. The current GIF support in the Finder doesn’t show animations. This plugin extends the Finder to allow QuickLook to display the GIF in its animated form.”

More information and download.

18 Responses to “Animated GIF”

  1. Anders Says:

    Installed it in OS X 10.6 and restarted Finder then looked at an animated gif. Sorry to say but it did nothing.

    Does this really work with 10.6 Snow Leopard?

  2. brh Says:

    Anders – it is definitely working for me under 10.6!

  3. Anders Says:

    Aah damn, I even rebooted now, still nothing.

    Did you put in in your user library?

  4. Xander Says:

    You have no idea how long I’ve been after this. WIN

  5. Tschakra-de Says:

    It works fine. But I have to put the Plugin manually in Library/Quicklook instead of User/Library/Quicklook. In the Userlibrary it does not work.

  6. Gustavo Ovalle Says:

    have you ever tried this command in terminal?

    qlmanage -r

    Try it and quicklook should be updated

  7. cool8jay Says:

    Gustavo Ovalle, thank you, now it works on Snow Leopard.

  8. Tkres Says:

    I’ve been on Mac for 3 years now, it’s lack of .gif preview was the only thing that ever bothered me after the first week. Thankyou So Much for this!! =D
    [hehe, goes to enjoy all the random .gifs stored on his comp with quickpreview =P]

  9. ipatch Says:

    this totally works with 10.6.4 after issuing the comannd

    qlmanage -r

    cheers 🙂

  10. John Says:

    Definitely isn’t working for me in 10.6.7

  11. J Says:

    This is not working for 10.6.7. I tried all of that and I still got that small blue box with a question mark.

  12. eridannus Says:

    It works well running under 10.6.8, thanks a lot

  13. Doc Says:

    I ran the install file. Logged out and back in as it stated, and it works like a charm. It adds a scroll bar sometimes instead of resizing GIFs to fit within the QuickLook window, but other than that it works great. I’m running OSX 10.6.8.

  14. emulex@portugalmail.com Says:

    The good:
    -The gif’s run in the real.

    The bad:
    -transparent gif areas will appear black.
    -in most gifs you will see white and/or black borders around the image.
    -there is no (easy) way to unistall the plugin in some OS (ex Mountain Lion).

  15. N15h0 Says:

    OSX Yosemite and beyond GIF QuickLook secrets manual

    I’m leaving this because I had such a hard time figuring out how to fix it.

    This plugin works BEAUTIFULLY from OSX 10.5 Leopard to 10.9 Mavericks. If you have these platforms, get it and run the installer. If you have OSX Yosemite (or, predictably, anything beyond it), Apple has added NATIVE Quicklook support for animated GIFs. This plugin BREAKS THIS SUPPORT.

    If you had the plugin prior to upgrading to Yosemite, the upgrade will not remove it and your GIF functionality will not work in QuickLook.

    To UNINSTALL this plugin, go to the /library folder and open the QuickLook folder. This is NOT the MacOS Harddisk/library or System/library folder. It’s a HIDDEN folder in your own directory. To access it, click the GO menu in the Finder menu (top bar) and press and hold the Option key. Select the “Library” directory that appears there. Inside the Quicklook folder, you’ll see the actual AnimatedGIF_QL.qlgenerator plugin file. DELETE it and you’ll immediately have your native GIF support working again.

    Cheers! I hope this helps somebody!

  16. Thank You Says:

    Thank you very much N15h0

  17. Babi Says:

    Hi, N15h0!!!!!!!! It worked native preview again!!!!!! i love you!!! thankyou for information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yak Says:

    Thank You N150h0 for your excellent instructions. This solved my problem immediately.