Jul 16


QLFits 2.0
Preview FITS header+images/spectra directly inside the Finder!
Released: 2009-07-16


QLFits allows you to see FITS files right into your Finder, without opening the file! It automatically generates on-the-fly a colorized header, with images and/or spectra below! It even supports multi-extension fits files. Even better, it detects ESO keywords, and build automatic links to the proposal abstract, the file summary, and even the weather conditions!


• Colorized header.
• Quick summary + Full header
• Automatic detection of ESO keywords
• Links to ESO archive seeing/prog id pages (when possible)
• Support for multi-extensiom FITS files!
• On-the-fly preview of 2D images!
• On-the-fly preview of 1D spectra!
• For 2D images: On-the-fly thumbnail of 1st extension that contains data
• For 1D spectra: On-the-fly thumbnail of the spectrum
• Display of the value of the “OBJECT” header keyword, with large fonts.

Notes: images pixels are scaled linearly (it produces in general better results than linear or logarithmic-zscaling). If no data are present in the FITS, only the header is shown.

Thanks, Cédric!

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  1. Cédric Says:

    QLFits is now version 3, is entirely open-source, and everything is now at this address: