Feb 26


Reader Javier writes:

I’ve created a free plug-in for displaying DPX pictures (useful in digital cinema and post-production environments).

It is at its first release but I expect to improve it quickly:


Thanks, Javier!

2 Responses to “DPX pictures”

  1. kracowska Says:

    i just installed it by now, it works great, thank you !
    if you’re around europe, i would love to meet, i’m a Flame/Inferno Artist/Veteran/Guru, doing features as supervisor, and as a user, involve in designing softwares in grading/compositing and vfx production/work follow-up for digital movies.

    I hope to hear from you soon, it might be that we have a nice talk for a start

    Raphael (not gay/just enthusiastic) 😉

  2. max Says:

    doesnt work with osx 10.10