Oct 23

Quicklook for Adium, the multi-system IM application’s, chat logs (.chatlog).

Download here.

Thanks, Gordon!

7 Responses to “Adium .chatlog File”

  1. XcoRpi Says:

    Cool! Thx!

  2. Yanj Says:


    How can I get this to work? I followed the instructions on how to install this plugin but no to avail.

  3. put them in: /Library/QuickLook Says:

    @ Yanj:

    they go in: /Library/QuickLook

  4. Carlo Says:

    Is there any way to make this plugin work with the XML files of the chatlogs?

  5. 8bit Says:

    Didn’t worked on Snow Leopard.

  6. Gordon Says:

    .chatlog files since Adium 1.3 were incorrectly not treated like packages, and instead appeared as folders with an XML file enclosed. The QuickLook plugin will still work for .chatlog files generated prior to version 1.3, but you will probably have to navigate to the enclosed XML files in newly generated .chatlog’s. The Adium bug is documented here (http://trac.adium.im/ticket/11106), and may be fixed someday soon.

  7. Rich Says:

    Check the ticket status for the latest version at http://trac.adium.im/ticket/7250 currently the latest version appears to be http://trac.adium.im/attachment/ticket/7250/AdiumChatQuickLook.4.zip