Dec 06


A plugin for text clipping file (.textClipping). and picture clipping file (.pictClipping).

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9 Responses to “textClipping and pictClipping”

  1. José Batata Says:

    keep the good work. these plug-ins are awesome!

  2. Rio Says:

    For seeing simple sometimes taken for granted file (a clip).. but certainly useful. Thanks

  3. Byron Says:

    hmm, this one isn’t working for me – anybody else having problems?

  4. David Dunham Says:

    I was just going to request this!

  5. Miha Says:

    I’m having problems with textClipping previews too. They won’t load regardless of all restarts and reinstalls (I tried with the root and the home Library folders). The pictClipping preview works fine though.

  6. Bruno B Says:

    It just dont work for me.

  7. Makhno Says:

    Don’t work for me too…
    But I need it ! Please, do something…

  8. jonnymac Says:

    I’m sorry – I didn’t develop this plug-in and cannot fix it. Please contact the developer at the link above.

  9. me Says:

    Lion now natively supports viewing clippings through QL.