Dec 02


Folder.qlgenerator shows items contained in folders in a list view.

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19 Responses to “Folder View”

  1. Hec Says:


  2. Frank Says:

    I placed the Folder.qlgenerator file in both ~/Library…. and /Library. It refuses to work.

    Any ideas?

  3. Jim Says:

    Hi. Is it possible to have the two options, “Show Hidden Items” and “Show Time” enabled by default?

  4. Sutter Says:

    I think this is really handy. I’ve installed and edited it a bit to show less of the superfluous info (and to look sleeker). It does have a black background in the window instead of full HUD style. Does anyone know how to change this?

  5. Karl Says:

    While I really like this plugin quite a bit, it is missing one critical thing: folder SIZE. Namely, the disk space usage of the selected folder.

  6. leafy Says:

    Ok, I made some modifications to the zh_TW localized strings, how do I send it back to the author? (assuming it’s you?)

  7. jonnymac Says:

    Sorry — we don’t create the plug-ins, just list them.

  8. Dupond Says:


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  10. O'kill Says:

    Nice little plug-in but the arrow button doesn’t work for me. I’ve installed it on two computers–neither works. Not the biggest deal but would be nice.

  11. mila06 Says:

    No work with Snow Léopard…
    please do something i like so much this quicklook !

  12. iMuhtaseb Says:

    Doesn’t work on Snow Leopard?.. That’s a shame! I like that and it’s so useful.. But they must upgrade it or rewrite it or something.

  13. vigo Says:

    doesn’t work with snow-leopard!

  14. John King Says:

    They have version .03 available but alas it doesn’t work with snow leopard. 🙁

  15. Bens Says:

    doesn’€™t work with snow-leopard…
    whereas it is one of most awaited among all the quicklook plugins

  16. Yash Says:

    I am using this with snow leopard and I can see thumbnails of the images and files inside the folder, but not the entire list.

  17. Zhenyu Says:

    Great! Looking for this extremely helpful plugin

  18. w0land Says:

    Doesn’t seem to work on 10.8.2. ANd XDD’s webpage is long gone… (ok, at least since last June) :/

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