Sep 18

Francesco just released a beta version of an Outlook 2011 for Mac plug-in, to view header message of type olk14Message.

You can download the plug-in here:

Thanks, Francesco!






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  1. Kyle Says:

    MacBook-Pro:~ kyle$ /Users/kyle/Downloads/FGOutlook2011.qlgenerator/Contents/MacOS/FGOutlook2011 ; exit;
    -bash: /Users/kyle/Downloads/FGOutlook2011.qlgenerator/Contents/MacOS/FGOutlook2011: cannot execute binary file
    [Process completed]

  2. Francesco Germinara Says:

    Hi Kyle, you must copy Quicklook plugins in /Library/Quicklook folder.
    FGOutlook2011 is only running on 10.6 and 10.7 operating system.
    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Francesco Germinara Says:

    This is the output…

  4. Francesco Germinara Says:

    this is a link to a sample image output “”

  5. Robert Says:

    For me it only partially works so long as Outlook is not running (i.e. header displayed but not body). When Outlook is running it goes back to get icon view (as if the plugin wasn’t installed).

  6. 95wolf Says:

    Same problem as @Robert

  7. Sandro Says:

    I have exactly the same problem mentioned above by Robert and 95wolf (I am running Lion on a MacBook Pro)

  8. hman Says:

    Same problem; only partial view when OL not running; icon view when OL is running. Snow Leopard on a macbook pro.

  9. Francesco Germnara Says:

    Hello all, you are right, on Lion when Outlook is Open the plugin not work. this it’s due to new Apple sandbox profile that forbit quicklook plugin to send command to other applications.
    I modified the sandbox profile but it’s a trick, you can see the solution here (italian language only )

    if you are interested on it I try to translate in english.

  10. Stephan Says:

    Hi – translation of your sandbox trick would be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot, great plugin!

  11. rockstream Says:

    I used Google translate to look at the sandbox trick and was able to make it work. Bottom line is that you have to add a sandbox rule to quicklook. The quicklook sandbox rules are in /usr/share/sandbox/ WARNING: The sandbox rule file is described by Apple as a “private interface” that is not user editable and subject to be overwritten at any time, so use your own judgement.

    The way I did it (using nano text editor) was as follows:

    cp /usr/share/sandbox/ /usr/share/sandbox/
    sudo nano /usr/share/sandbox/

    This opens up a nano editor. Right after the line:

    (allow process-exec)

    I added the following:

    (allow AppleEvent-send
    (AppleEvent-destination “”))

    Then saved the file (^X in nano).

    Then logout and relog in and the quicklook works as expected with Outlook running.

    Apparently this quicklook essentially asks outlook to render the view, but the new sandbox does not permit the quicklook to interrogate outlook. The sandbox rule explicitly allows that communication. Of course, by doing this you are trusting taht Francesco’s code does not do something else nefarious with your Outlook.

  12. Roger Says:

    Thank you very much for developing this plug-in! It works great and fills a big gap.

    I found the white-on-black difficult to read. Fortunately the color scheme is controlled by a HTML file which can be edited (but only as root). In the file /Library/QuickLook/FGOutlook2011.qlgenerator/Contents/Resources I just removed the background-color: and color: lines, and it now renders as a nice black-on-white with gray field labels. Thank you for implementing it in a way which enables this customization!

  13. Neil Says:

    has anyone got this working under mavericks?

  14. Grapefruit.Art Says:

    Hi @all,

    thanks a lot for providing that plugin and further descriptions.

    I have OS X Mavericks and could get the plugin working. But it only shows the address data like From:, title; , the message text is missing with following notification: Message unavailable. Outlook must be running to see the message.

    But my outlook is running…

    Anyone has any idea?

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

  15. Marcello Says:


    The same here with Maverick.
    Thank you Francesco for your great job, but could you please verify this problem with Maverick?
    Many thanks in advance.

  16. Francesco germinara Says:

    Hello I reworked outlook2011 for 10.8 and 10.9 compatibility.

    This is the installation manual

    The plugin download is here

    You need to hack sandbox quicklook profile to make it work.

    Give me your feedback.

  17. Big Dave Says:

    This is fixed for mavericks now – a difference procedure required.

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